The Ingalls Home in 1976

Maple Rock in 2015

The Maple Rock Story

Maple Rock Bed and Breakfast, owned and operated by the Roberts family, is situated on over 100 acres of land which has been in Audrey’s family for over 50 years. Where the B&B now stands was originally the home of Audrey’s Great Grandparents, Mary and Clyde Ingalls. In 2008 the entire house was engulfed by fire, but leaving the foundation unscathed. Almost seven years later, Audrey decided to pursue her dream of a bed and breakfast and the existing foundation provided the perfect location for Maple Rock Bed and Breakfast.

They arrived at the name "Maple Rock" due to the plentiful maple trees that line the property, and a large boulder deposited by a prehistoric glacier in the center of a grove of maple trees on the property. Growing up, Audrey and her brothers fondly recall the days that their Grandfather (who lived in the house across from the Ingalls house) would walk with them to "Big Rock," where they would spend the day climbing and jumping off the rock. The very large piece of glacial erratic can be seen near one of the property's many cross country ski trails.

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The Maple Rock Story

Audrey's brother Brian on top of Big Rock in 2015

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